Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department
EEE department has been imparting quality education for the students of diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate level. The departmental laboratories have been strengthened and modernized by procuring latest software and equipment to take up R&D and consultancy activities, in different areas of electrical engineering.
The faculty of the Department have their credentials in the following areas:
· Received Best Teacher Award.

· Mentor for NAAC Study Report.

· Stood as winner in Paper Presentation in a National level Technical Symposium.

· Stood as winner in Paper presentation in PROWESS-2KX Event in a Technical Symposium.

· Stood as winner in MATLAB Training Course at NITH in 2013.

Research Orientation:
Seminars & Workshops Attended:
· Attended Workshop on ROBOTICS at Miracle College on 6th and 7th March 2018.

· Attended Workshop in Winter school on Biometrics for Secured Authentication: Fundamentals and Advances at Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nanded, Maharastra from 23rd to 27th December 2013.

· Attended Faculty Development Programme on “Research methodologies” in MRCET in 2014.

· Undergone Internship in GMR Kamalanga Energy Limited (GKEL) Coal based 1050MW, Kamalanga, Odisha from August 2014 to October 2014.

· Iris recognition using Graphical user Interface

            – N. Bhanu in IJAREEIE, Volume 7, Issue 1, Jan 2018, with ISSN 2278-8875, ISSN (Print): 2320-3765,   IF- 6.329

· Advanced Computing, Communications and Networks

           – Shilpi singh  in International Conference, ICACCN, 2nd,3rd June 2011.

· Design and Implementation of  performance monitoring of DC Motor based Microcontroller and temperature control of Heat Sink

           – Shilpi Singh in International journal of Engineering Research and Industrial Applications (IJERIA), ISSN 0974                        -1518, Vol-4, Issue-4, IF-311-320, IF-5.21, November 2011.

· PV fed induction motor drive using high step up resonant converter

           – C.Bharathi, B.Madhusudhana Rao in IJIEMR, ISSN: 2456-5083, Volume-6, Issue-4, June 2017, IF-5.812.

· A step up DC-DC converter with closed loop control for PV cell fed induction motor drive applications

           – C.Bharathi, A.Jagadeesh in IJRE journal, Volume-4, Issue-14, ISSN: 2348-6848, November 2017, IF- 5.60

· Design of a hybrid Solar PV and fuel cell powered BLDC Motor Drive

           – A.V. Satyanarayana, M. Rajendra Prasad in IJAETMAS, Volume 5, Issue-3, ISSN 2334-3224, IF-3.21

· A Hybrid Distribution Generating system based on Wind/Fuel cell Power Generation system with Energy storage capability

           – P. Lavanya, T. Venkata Naga Jyothi in IJAREEIE, ISSN 2278-8875, Volume-6, Issue 14, June 2017, IF-5.61.

· Grid connected system for two stage solar photovoltaic based stand alone scheme having battery as Energy storage

           P. Lavanya, G.S.S.V. Prasad in IJR, ISSN: 2348-6848, Volume 4, Issue 14, November 2017, IF-5.60.

· Joint State and parameter Estimation by extended Kalman Filter(EKF) Technique

S. Damodhar rao, T. Ayyarao, IJERD, ISSN No: 2278-067, Vol No -11, Issue No- 08, 2015, PP 42-52, IF-5.21

The students are proactive with latest developments and upcoming trends in electrical field. Recently the students exhibited different innovative projects in the departmental technical fest E-SHASTRA 2K18.