Computer Science Engineering Department
Computer Science Engineering is a field that focuses on analytical abilities and skills to solve problems in science, education, healthcare, business, government, entertainment and in all walks of modern life.


The mission of Computer Science and Engineering Department is to

· lay a strong foundation of programming knowledge by concentrating on fundamental concepts of CSE

· develop flair for logical thinking and innovative methods to produce software solutions.

· strengthen employability and entrepreneurship skills.

· Produce socially responsible software professionals with ethical values.

Research Orientation:
Seminars & Workshops Attended:
· CISCO IT essential version 6.0 IDP-20000053 training by SBTET held on 21st Feb to 24th Feb,2018.

· Attended Workshop on ROBOTICS at Miracle College on 6th and 7th March 2018, Organized by E-Yantra Team, Associate    of IIT Bombay.

· Attended workshop on “Empowering teaching excellence through E-learning platform” by JNTUK 8th July 2017.

· Attended workshop on “Image Processing” at BVEC.

· Workshop on “Cyber security” by Microsoft at Andhra University on 5th November 2016.

· Webinar by CISCO systems on CYBEROPS security.

· Given seminar on CCNA security version 2.0 in HP.

· Design and Analysis of a Secure Cloud Storage by Using Single Instance Storage.

Kothapalli Sameer, Shafiulilah Shaik , JCT (2278- 3814), volume No: 4, issue No: 9


· Enhanced Rank-Estimated Searching for Dimensional Reliance Based on Nearest Neighbor Search.

Silla Srinivasrao, K Sameer, ISSN (2321-6905), IJSET Volume No: 5, and Issue No: 6.


· Implementation of ID2S PAKE Protocol Based on Any Identity-Based Signature Scheme (IBS).

Seemanthula Jagadish, K. Sameer,  ISSN (2348-4845), IJMETMR Volume No: 4(2017), Issue No: 6(June)


· Object Extraction and Face Detection by Taking Geometric Features in an Image.

Cheekatla Swapna Priya, Koppula Prameela, Kothapalli Sameer, Banavathu Mounika and Mettu Sumender Roy,                             ISSN: 2233ASTL, Advanced Science and Technology Letters, Vol.147 (SMART DSC-2017)


· Incentive compatible privacy public cloud data with dynamic multi key words priority search over cryptography.

Thota Hari, SK. Rajiya , Volume 06, Issue 04,Page No: 811 – 816.  ( IJIEMR 2017)


· Efficient anonymity profile comparison technique to filter unwanted messages from OSN user walls.

V.S.N.Murthy, K. Kishore Raju  (IJRCCT 2015 August ,vol.4 Issue 8)


· Video Retrieval From Compressed Videos.

M. Nagaraju, M. Thanoj, P. Manikanta, S. Bhavani (IJERT  2012 september ,Vol. 1 Issue 7)


· Statistical Measurement Space for Document Clustering Based on Correlation Preserving Indexing.

Uppe Nanaji, Majji Nagaraju, (IJERT  2012 , Vol. 1 Issue 7)

The faculty of the Department have their credentials in the following areas:
· CCNA CISCO certified network associate version 3.0 with ID-CSCO13078874

· Worked as Associate Network Engineer in HP with Emp-id: HP-BLR104778

· Certification on hardware & networking from IGIAT CISCO academy.

· Certified IT essentials version 6.0 instructor by CISCO ID’s: IPD-20000053

· Designed GIS mapping for Visakha Steel Plant Township using ArcGIS & Erdas

· Designed website for AP police Vizianagaram.